Keys to Winning


The task for D3 2014 contestants is to write a script for a PSA video that features teens showing adults how to be safe drivers.
Here’s what you’ll be submitting

  • Title and Synopsis for a 30 second Public Service Announcement (PSA); the synopsis has a 150 word limit.
  • The Script for your PSA
  • A Storyboard for your PSA

The keys here are creativity and conciseness of message.

Title – Your title should be catchy and memorable. It should catch an audience’s attention and invite them to find out more.  Question to ask yourself? Does it pass the “t-shirt test?” Would your PSA title look good on a t-shirt?

Synopsis – Your synopsis is your short pitch of what your PSA is about. It should answer these questions: What’s the PSA about? What happens in the PSA? Why is it important?

Script – This is everything that happens in your PSA from start to finish. The scenes, the action, the dialogue. This is the complete story from start to finish. Don’t forget to time it out to make sure you’ve fit your message into 30 seconds.

Storyboard – This is a visual tour of your PSA. The storyboard is essentially a large comic of the PSA; it provides a visual layout of events as they are to be seen through a camera lens. Show us what happens during your PSA.

How to… & Other Resources
Don’t know how to write a PSA? How much can you fit into 30 seconds? What’s a storyboard? These links will help you out.


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